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09 October 2019Young Victoria’s Watercolours and Diaries showing delight in the Arts
13 November 2019Women Behind the Lens: Outstanding Female Photographers and their contribution to the Art of Photography
11 December 2019A History of Jewellery from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth Taylor
08 January 2020The Power of a Painting: G.W. Joy’s The Death of General Gordon
12 February 2020Norman Rockwell: Great American Artist or a mere illustrator
11 March 2020Mars and the Muses: The Renaissance Art of Armour
08 April 2020Charles Dickens – The Man and his Life through his Characters
13 May 2020The Turner Prize Explained
10 June 2020Augustus John and Gwen John

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Young Victoria’s Watercolours and Diaries showing delight in the Arts Karin Fernald Wednesday 09 October 2019

Throughout her life Queen Victoria painted and sketched. There are delightful watercolours and sketches of the people around her, together with revealing self-portraits. With slides from the Royal Collection at Windsor of Victoria’s watercolours and sketches, together with paintings, portraits and cartoons of the early 19th century.

Karin Fernald is an actor, writer and speaker. She has appeared at festivals in England and on tour in Japan, Australia, Europe and at the University of Cape Town Summer School.