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13 February 2019To the Far Side of the World
13 March 2019A Mediterranean Tour
10 April 2019The Phoenix at the Fall of Empire
08 May 2019Basingstoke and its Contribution to World Culture
12 June 2019Faber and Faber

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To the Far Side of the World Peter Warwick Wednesday 13 February 2019

Celebrate Captain James Cook’s Third and Final Voyage in 1776

To coincide with the anniversary of the start of Captain James Cook’s final and fatal voyage in 1776, the lecture explores the impact of his three extraordinary voyages of discovery on European thought, art and science.


Peter Warwick is an author and historian and specialises in naval, maritime and polar history.  A founder and Trustee of Gloriana, The Queen’s Row Barge, and as vice-chairman of the Official Nelson Commemorations Committee Peter played a key role in the planning of The Trafalgar Festival and Sea Britain 2005.