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25 November 2020The Gate of Heroes: On the China Trail
24 March 2021The Mysterious Language of Paintings: More Than Meets the Eye

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The Gate of Heroes: On the China Trail Lars Tharp Wednesday 25 November 2020

Discovery Day 

With Antiques Roadshow expert Lars Tharp

Since his debut in 1986 on the BBC Antiques Roadshow Lars has been on all series since. He has spoken widely, within and beyond the UK.  With over 40 years of experience in Ceramics and other areas, he aims to combine several compelling narratives with enthusiasm and humour.

Born in Copenhagen, he studied Archaeology at Cambridge and joined Sothebys where, as a director and auctioneer (1977-1993), he specialized in Chinese and European Ceramics. Today his consultancy devises and curates exhibitions, advises on the acquisition, care and disposal of Ceramics and other fields. He also speaks a lot: many of his most popular talks concern the vast Universe of Clay and Ceramics as well as the World and Works of William Hogarth.  

Session 1:           From the mountains of Jiangxi province in far-off China, down river, over lake and mountain, and finally across oceans, nearly all the Chinese ceramics on display in European museums, stately homes, palaces and personal collections are survivors of an epic journey and of monumental human labour Luxury created in the labour of millions. Each year in the 1600s and 1700s millions of pieces - services, vases and ornamental wares - were portered over the mountain border into Guangdong province, passing through the aptly-named ‘Gate of Heroes’. I take you on the same journey and, knowing the great human labour involved, you will never again pass or look at a piece of Chinese porcelain without this journey coming to mind.

Session 2:           Hogarth brings pots, crocks and all manner of•chinaware onto his stage as bitpart players in his social dramas. From the Harlot’s dingy garret to milord’s swanky mantelpiece, ceramics teeter, tumble, or merely stand helplessly by, symbolic commentators on the goings-on around them. We delve into the stories, we reveal and even identify particular ceramics and show how Hogarth’s images themselves became sources for the ceramic workshops of Europe and China. A unique and stimulating talk colliding material culture and moral commentary. You will look at Hogarth and  ceramics with new eyes.

Session 3:           Bring an Object Talk: A captivating and spontaneous talk based on objects brought in by the audience which, in true Antiques Roadshow style!

Venue: Boringdon Park Golf Club, 55 Plymbridge Road,                 Plymouth, PL7 4QG.
Timings: 10.00 for 10.30 start (Close 3.00pm)
Cost: £35, including morning coffees and finger buffet lunch. 

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